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Brodie knows the battle he faces every time he steps on the ice.

“The following summer, I was numb from my waist down.”But facing a new normal in their relationship just brought Amber and T. closer together as a couple.“Sometimes you just don’t want to bring it up because if she’s not thinking about it – it’s good,” Brodie said. So it definitely puts life into perspective and makes you realize the important things – your health.”WATCH: Amber De Bakker and Calgary Flames goaltending coach Jordan Sigalet join Global Calgary with details on the upcoming Putting MS on Ice event For Brodie the MS means learning early on about the meaning of “in sickness and in health.” He proposed two months after De Bakker was diagnosed but had been waiting much longer for the right moment.“I actually had the ring for six months,” Brodie laughed.

Most men know the rules: if we want to see you, we have to ask you out. In three lines, you told me that: You had a great date. She texted you a thank you (even though you thanked her for a nice evening).

Apart from the fact that this plays like an episode of “What Not To Do in Dating” Theater, I can’t fathom what other evidence you need to feel confident in asking her out. Messenger pigeons carrying a note saying “Ask me out again”? If you wonder about this kind of dating etiquette, this is exactly what we cover in my 8-week Passion Course – understanding how to be a great first date, always get a second date, date multiple people, deal with sex and intimacy, understand the opposite sex, etc.

In over 18 years, It's Just Lunch has set up more than 2 million first dates, with many of them resulting in second dates.

Each month for their 30,000 members, It's Just Lunch arranges, on average, 50,000 dates.

The stampede kicked off Friday with a record parade crowd of an estimated 275,000 people, according to Calgary Police Service.

J.) doesn’t know what the future’s going to bring with MS,” she said.

Talking about feelings might not be the number one thing on an NHL hockey player’s mind everyday, but having a loved one battling MS has definitely taken Brodie out of his comfort zone.“(It) makes me have to talk a lot more than I probably want to,” Brodie laughed.

First started in 1991 in Chicago, It's Just Lunch has grown to include locations across the globe.

You will find It's Just Lunch locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Caribbean and Australia. This matchmaking service takes the offline or traditional bricks-and-mortar approach for matching people, offering physical office locations you can visit.

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