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This article gives a introduction to XML parsing in Android. Developers are requested to know XML before reading this article.This article describes about packages available in Android for various types of XML parsing.Sample code snippet demonstrating usage of KXML Parser is provided at the end of this article.This article is intended for Android developers wishing to develop mobile applications that use XML.The design goals of XML emphasize simplicity, generality, and usability over the Internet.Android supports XML application programming interfaces (APIs) for processing of XML languages.I had a specific problem I set out to solve, but the technique described in this article can be used to customize the behaviour of JAXP document builder factories that are used by code you cannot change by setting other features and properties on such document builder factories.I first saw the problem with JAXP wanting to read a DTD document referenced from an XML document when I created a mapping from one XML format to another using the Mule Data Mapper. Schema; /** * JAXP document builder factory that disables loading of external DTDs * when reading XML documents using document builders created by this * factory.

If you throw an exception from the error handler, that exception will not be catched by the verify method. If you return from the error handler normally, then MSV will try to recover from the error and find as much errors as possible. ; // get XML reader from somewhere Verifier Handler handler = Verifier Handler(); Content Handler(handler); reader.parse(" if(Valid()) // the document is correct else // the document is incorrect Verifier Filter filter = Verifier Filter(); // create a new XML reader and setup the pipeline Parent(get New XMLReader()); Content Handler( new My Application Handler() ); // parse the document filter.parse(" if(Valid()) // the parsed document was valid else // invalid interface.

, JARV implementations (like MSV) reports validity errors through the same interface.

In this way, you can get the error message, line number that caused the error, etc.

As described in the Java API documentation of the Since I do not have control over the XML fragments that are received and did not want to revert to string-manipulation of incoming XML data, I made some research and found the following two features available in the Xerces XML parser that Java uses: Given that Java system properties can be manipulated programmatically at runtime, I came up with the idea to dynamically replace the current document builder factory with a wrapper that sets certain features on new instances of the document builder factory.

Setting those features were said to cause references to DTD documents to be ignored when parsing XML that contained such references.

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