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Granted, the snow is really, really pretty if you're sitting indoors and watching it fall outside while drinking a nice big mug of hot cocoa, but otherwise, yay for Chennai weather! Hume California is located in King Canyon National Forest (Monument). So I located a photo of a similar shay in “The Whistles Blow No More” by Hank Johnston. And to the side is the cut Popsicle stick that I will use as the bumper…Thumbtacks were used to mark holes.(Exit Corinne's comment and return to Terence's text)The group picture comes with a caption "Vacation school Kharagpur 1941" I do not have any further info or recognize anyone other than the elderly lady on the right who is my grandmother, I hope someone may recognize a face and know what the occasion was.At this juncture we have registered a community of some 250 names. A veritable village of ghosts inhabiting a Kharagpur-of-our-memories in the 1940s and 1950s that we had the privilege to know personally!And do keep those old photos coming - they are pure gold!Perhaps that “CLICK here...” switch of mine in this WEBpage could be considered as somewhat limiting.Nice little black book joke at the end Jonne Backhaus Only thing that worked in this was the Jacksparrow Bolton only version, but for something that has SNL comedians and Lonely Island involved this just did not do it for me...Oh well can always watch Popstar again to flush this out of my system.

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I remember lmao Here is the 2nd poster for Brigsby Bear! Starring Kyle Mooney, Greg Kinnear, Mark Hamill, Matt Walsh, Michaela Watkins, Claire Danes... Sharla Cornish Mona Lisa, you're an overrated pile of s**t. These guys are so talented and know how to make jokes that seem random but actually are more clever than most may think. Also he was thoughtful enough not to point out that my shirt was too small and yanking open at the buttons?

Note in picture left with NBW removed right with NBW. The pole was about 12 feet long made of hard wood with a steel cap on each end. Notice how I used Krazy glue to hold the pieces to a Popsicle stick as I filed them into shape. Also I decided to go with the knuckle coupler, but if I found the right parts I could go with the link-and-pin seen in the picture.

With the pole inserted between the poling pockets of a locomotive and a car on an adjacent track, the locomotive could push the car. Here is what the pieces looked like after I had filed them into shape. This shay was later converted from narrow to standard and then a knuckle coupler was used.

The riots, hunger marches, demonstrations of “Indian-ness,” and other crises that were going on around us, together with concerns for our female progeny that we never seem to acknowledge, were endemic.

So please, when you have a moment to reflect, and perhaps have your memories jogged by what you read and see here, jot them down to share with us the events and attitudes of this long-lost era.

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