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While you wait, you can’t help but notice people pressing up against the metal fences barricading the street.

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It's important to the company, Balaresque says, to signal to customers that its product isn’t simply a drone capable of carrying a camera to new heights (in this case a maximum of about 50 feet) but “to emphasize the fact that we are building a camera that happens to be flying.Its miniature portraiture stands in stark contrast to the historical sweep and innovative storytelling of “We Are Proud to Present a Presentation. .,’’ her brilliant examination of racism through the prism of a genocide in Africa, which Company One coproduced with Arts Emerson three years ago.The role of race emerges subtly, contextually, in “Really.’’ By making Calvin white and Girlfriend a woman of color whom he treats patronizingly, Drury clearly wants us to think about the power dynamics of race and gender, and about related questions of representation in an artistic context and beyond.Then again, if that camera happens to be airborne and following a pocket-sized tracking device in your pocket, you may be a customer of a unique company called Lily Camera.Conceived in the basement of a UC Berkeley robotics lab, the device -- billed as “the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera” -- recently became available for pre-ordering at Lily. "It has become a worldwide phenomenon overnight,” says company cofounder and CEO Antoine Balaresque.

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