Seth thomas clock dating

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Prior-Clarke outline the history and development of The Enfield Clock Factory, the sister establishment to the Anglo-Celtic Watch Company which shared its Ynyscedwyn location.

1949 saw the consolidation of manufacturing such as autos, gear cutting, and machine shop operation, together with the introduction of bezel manufacture which incorporated plating and polishing and metal finishing techniques.

The business began as straight clock repair and evolved into a full line of clock sales and service.

From American clocks such as Seth Thomas, Sessions, Ansonia, Waterberry, Chelsea, and more modern clocks such as Howard Miller, Sligh, French Crystal, Brass, Marble, Country French and Ridgeway…

Secondly, it is important to understand that there are very few people who can say they have significant experience with these large, somewhat complex tubular bell mechanisms.

There are many common clocks that pass through the average repair shop over and over again allowing a repairman to gain a great deal of experience over a relatively short period of time.

On rare occasions we may offer a rare and interesting custom made high quality reproduction which will be clearly identified as such.

The extremely rare helmet on the left is a US Navy MK V made by Schrader in 1919 which was retrofitted with a Heli-Ox system in the 1930's.

We have thousands of satisfied customers locally, nationally and internationally, and are adept at shipping the most fragile antique clocks worldwide.We are one of the pioneers of clock repair services in the United States.Take a quick tour of our repair process or contact us for a free consultation and quote.Many American companies made their own cases but imported German mechanisms to perform the work behind the dial.During the 1970's Herschede began to suffer as most consumers were purchasing the lower cost clocks being made by Howard Miller, Ridgeway and Sligh.

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