Updating fonts and images for powerpoint

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When a font file is copied into the Windows Font Folder it is automatically installed.Windows 10: To see what fonts are installed, go to the Windows icon type “Fonts” in the search bar on the top right.If it still doesn't look exactly right, you can customize the theme any way you want.If you're new to Power Point, you may want to review our lesson on Applying Themes to learn the basics of using themes. If you don't like the colors of a particular theme, it's easy to apply new theme colors; everything else about the theme will remain unchanged.Custom fonts can make a presentation unique, dynamic, align with corporate branding and many other fantastic things.

Rather than searching through thousands of fonts on hundreds of font sites (you can spend hours doing this), Smashing Magazine has a couple of useful articles that can simplify your font search: In order to work within Power Point, you need to ensure the font you eventually use is a True Type font.With some presentations, you may not notice a significant difference when changing the theme colors.For example, a textured background will not change when theme colors are changed.We'll talk about how to customize these in the Slide Master View lesson.Once you've found settings you like, you may want to save the theme so you can use it in other presentations.

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